K-Sounds Signature Piano for Korg M3

Non-Instant Download

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Korg M3-61, M3-73, M3-88 or M3-M only.

Operating System:
2.0 or higher

RAM Requirements:
The M3’s stock 64Mb RAM will load the small bank. The medium and large banks require Korg’s sample RAM expansion.

To Load:
Compatible USB storage device.

For decades, the Yamaha C7 grand piano has been a mainstay of top recording studios, appearing on countless recordings and giving a host of artists their signature sound. With K-Sounds Signature Piano, the C7 becomes your signature sound. Offering pristine stereo samples throughout the dynamic range and a slightly ambient studio sound with plenty of sustain, this piano is designed to inspire from the first note.

Signature Piano for the M3 offers three sample banks, all fully programmed in a variety of programs and combinations. The small 63Mb bank offers three velocity layers and does not require RAM expansion to be installed. The medium-sized 107Mb bank provides four velocity layers plus damper resonance. The large 289Mb bank provides six velocity layers with longer samples and additional sampled notes, plus damper resonance, release resonance, hammer noise samples, and multi-dynamic damper noise samples! No other M3 format piano comes close to this level of detail.

This product offers a unique implementation of damper resonance: Real sampled resonance is provided - far surpassing mere digital effects or convolution. And because the resonance is presented as an independent component of the instrument, its volume may be adjusted, and it can be disabled entirely.

Four layer / split combinations are provided. Each one combines the piano with multiple instruments that can be seamlessly activated and disabled as you play. You could begin by playing solo piano, add strings, add electric piano, and then return to solo piano - all without causing a break in the sound! Taking this concept further, additional combinations in the large bank allow users to freely add or subtract different elements from the piano sound. Damper resonance, release resonance, hammer noises, and damper noises can be easily mixed and matched seamlessly according to your musical needs.

At K-Sounds, we believe the most important requirement of a virtual piano is that it be refreshingly playable. That’s why Signature Piano was played constantly during its development process. The result is far greater than just a collection of samples. We believe it is one of the most musical and playable sampled pianos available.


Stereo samples up to 6 velocities.
Fully programmed specifically for the M3.
289Mb, 107Mb and 63Mb bank sizes provided.
Wide stereo image.
Edited for mono compatibility.
True sampled “damper pedal” sympathetic string resonance.
Release resonance samples.
Hammer noise samples.
Multi-dynamic damper noise samples.
Big sound with modest RAM requirements.
Designed to be incredibly playable.

As a bonus, we’ve included a very special FM electric piano program. This sound surpasses preset electric piano programs by offering a wide, seamless dynamic range and built-in detuning at the oscillator level for extra richness.

Additional information is available in the Signature Piano User Guide.

Video Demonstration:
For best audio quality, please view at 1080p resolution.


MP3 Demos:
No reverb, EQ, compression or other effects processing was added to any demo.
What you hear is Signature Piano only.


  Reflective - Contains multiple demos
Medium Dynamic - Contains multiple demos
Aggressive - Contains multiple demos
K-Sounds FM Electric Piano (bonus sound)

Purgatory Creek Piano Comparison (all elements)
Purgatory Creek - No Damper Resonance

Classical Works*

Fantaisie-Impromptu excerpt (Chopin)
Passepied from Suite Bergamasque (Debussy)
Prelude Op. 24, No. 4 (Chopin)
Kreisleriana, Op. 16, No. 5 (Schumann)
Sonata No. 10 C major, KV 330 excerpt (Mozart)


  *Classical Works demos were produced using MIDI files created by Bernd Krueger and used by permission.
  These MIDI files were used unedited.

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