K-Sounds offers quality, custom-designed sounds for Yamaha, Korg, and Kurzweil synthesizers as well as Native Instruments Kontakt. We specialize in creating incredible sampled pianos and B3 organ sound sets, and we offer a spectacular sound set of brass, woodwinds, and strings as well.

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K-Sounds Pianos for Motif XF and MOXF

We now offer Epic Grand, Signature Piano, Piano 1, and Piano 2 in native Motif XF format, fully loadable on the MOXF!

Now Available in Five Formats!

Epic Grand for Motif XS, Motif XF / MOXF, Kontakt, Kronos / Kronos X and Triton Series

Prepare to be amazed. K-Soundsí new Epic Grand is a stunning re-creation of a Japanese grand piano loved by artists and studios around the world. For Motif XS, Motif XF / MOXF, Kontakt, and Kronos, Epic Grand offers eight dynamic levels of close-miked stereo samples, true sampled damper resonance, authentic release resonance, and mechanical noise samples. The Triton version is smaller yet extremely powerful, featuring up to four sampled dynamic layers plus true sampled damper resonance. Despite its compact size, this piano sounds huge.

Organimation for Yamaha Motif XF, MOXF, and MOX

Organimation is now available for the Motif XF, MOXF, and MOX! This sound set features stunning rotary speaker effects programming, plentiful control options, and a wide variety of presets for any occasion.

Additional versions available for Kronos / OASYS, Krome, M3, M50, Triton Series, Motif XS, and Motif ES.

Classical Nylon Guitar for Korg M3 and Kronos / Kronos X

K-Sounds is proud to present Classical Nylon Guitar for the Korg Kronos,
Kronos X, and M3! This beautiful sampled guitar features full-length, unlooped samples taken at eight dynamic levels, plus sampled muted, harmonics, and performance noises. Fully programmed and ready to play!

Signature Piano Unlooped for Korg Kronos

Our stunning C7 sample is now available in a luxurious unlooped version for the Korg Kronos and Kronos X! Featuring multi-velocity stereo samples up to 20 seconds long, true sampled damper resonance, authentic release resonance, and mechanical noise samples, Signature Piano brings the realism of software-based sample libraries to your Kronos!

Additional versions available for OASYS, M3, Motif ES, Motif XS, Motif XF / MOXF, and Kontakt 2.2 and higher!

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